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Official National File Statement Regarding FBI Interest in Ashley Biden's 'Probably Not Appropriate' Showers Diary

National File's Tom Pappert has released a full statement regarding the interest that the FBI has taken in this outlet's publication of Ashley Biden's diary
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[FULL SHOW] Arizona Audit Bombshells: Suspicious Ballots Exceed Margins Of Biden's So-Called Victory

Establishment media is working overtime to confuse people and muddy the water around the Arizona Audit. The conclusion is simple: There were far more suspicious ballots and voters than are […]

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VINDICATED: Mark Kelly Drops Lawsuit Claiming He Didn’t Dress As Hitler, National File Report Stands

Every American now knows the way we take our country back is refusing to back down to billionaire elites who fund Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton and Mark Kelly.

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PAPPERT: We 'Will Win This Fight' Against Mark Kelly, Clinton Lawyers, Take Back Arizona, Just Need The Funds

Speaking to Stew Peters, National File's Tom Pappert said that National File will win their fight against Mark Kelly, as long as they have the funds
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WATCH: Allen West Hints at Run for Texas Governor, Discusses 2020 Voter Fraud Exposed by National File

Speaking exclusively to National File, Lt Col Allen West hinted at a run for Texas Governor, along with discussion voter fraud exposed by Patrick Howley
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