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St. Louis Taxi Company Is Rejecting Masked And COVID-Vaccinated Passengers, Mask Fans Complain of Anti-Vax 'Discrimination'

“We don’t allow any type of masks in our vehicles, the second one is we are very against the vaccine and don’t allow people in our vehicle that did get the vaccine”

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McCloskeys Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Charges over Confrontation with Violent Mob, Surrender Firearms Used in Incident

Mark and Patricia McCloskey have pled guilty to misdemeanor charges resulting from a confrontation with a violent mob in June of last year
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VIDEO: Teens Dressed As Gorillas Steal Black Lives Matter Sign From Yard

Pranksters — suspected to be local teens — dressed in gorilla costumes stole a Black Lives Matter sign from a St. Louis yard, drawing anger from homeowners over the stunt. […]

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