'Rona Madness

St. Louis Taxi Company Is Rejecting Masked And COVID-Vaccinated Passengers, Mask Fans Complain of Anti-Vax 'Discrimination'


St. Louis, Missouri-based tax cab company Yo Transportation services is refusing service to passengers who insist on covering their face with a face mask, and is also refusing to transport passengers who have taken one of the four COVID vaccines.

According to KMOV4, Yo owner Charlie Bullington takes the steps to verify that prospective passengers are not masked or vaccinated before he picks them up.

“We don’t allow any type of masks in our vehicles, the second one is we are very against the vaccine and don’t allow people in our vehicle that did get the vaccine,” Bullington stated, adding, “I understand Missouri is one of the top three states with the lowest vaccination rate, so I am proud of all the Missouri people for standing against this.”

“Because of what they consider the shedding process, them transmitting their germs to us by contact whether it’s a shake of hands, a touch,” Bullington said of mask fans who believe coverings can singlehandedly stop the virus.

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One man turned away by Bullington to complain on Facebook, “I just ran into my first brush with discrimination against people who have had the COVID vaccine. Yo Taxi, in Pacific, just told me that they could not give me a ride to the airport if I have been vaccinated or wear a mask. Apparently they are committed to providing service to unvaccinated people who don’t wear masks.”

Most discrimination enforced by businesses regarding masks hand the vaccine has been enforced against those who cannot wear masks or have not been vaccinated. Mask advocates in media seem baffled that the discrimination could swing in the opposite direction, against vaccinated people.

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