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Multiple Airline CEOs Come Out Against Biden's Mask Mandates, Point Out Safety of Aircraft

"I think the case is very strong that masks don't add much ... in the air cabin environment," Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly told Congress.
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VIDEO: Passenger Named 'No Mandates' Called To Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter At San Diego Airport

“Attention at the terminal, Noman Dates. Noman Dates. Please get your party, Southwest ticket counter. Noman Dates. Please get your party, Southwest ticket counter.”

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Southwest Airlines CEO: Biden's 'Controversial' Vax Mandate 'Not Anything I Wish For', Airline 'Not Going To Fire Any Employees'

“The vaccine mandate obviously is controversial and it’s not anything that I wish for our company,” said Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly.

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'I Have All 46 Boosters. Please Hire Me Southwest': Airline's Help Website Trolled After Flights Canceled Over Vaccine Mandate Protest

Multiple online users are trolling Southwest Airlines help website after the airline cancelled thousands of flights as employees protested the vaccine mandate. Southwest Airlines’ help website is being overrun by […]

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