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Joe Biden's 'Democracy Summit' Cuts Video Feed Showing Map Of Taiwan, Provides Apologetic Disclaimer For China

The live video feed at Democrat President Joe Biden’s Summit for Democracy was cut during a presentation by Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang last Friday after the Taiwanese official appeared […]

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VIDEO: Biden Press Sec Says Federal Cops Will Work With Leftist NGOs To Perform 'Threat Assessments' On 'Domestic Extremists'

Actions taken by Biden’s federal law enforcement minions to “disrupt extremist networks” will be partially based on analysis of conservative “extremists” by NGOs

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EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump NSC Member Says DNC, Biden Campaign, 'Hostile Foreign Intelligence' Committed 'Coup' On November 3

Rich Higgins, a Trump loyalist and former NSC member, has said that the election was a coup enacted by the DNC, communists, and hostile foreign intelligence
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