EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump NSC Member Says DNC, Biden Campaign, 'Hostile Foreign Intelligence' Committed 'Coup' On November 3


Rich Higgins, a Trump loyalist and former NSC member, has said that the election was tantamount to a coup committed by the DNC, communists, and “hostile foreign intelligence.”

Speaking exclusively to National File, Rich Higgins, formerly of the National Security Council (NSC), said that the presidential election was tantamount to a coup committed “against the sovereign American people” by communists, the DNC, Big Tech and “hostile foreign intelligence”:

DNC and the Biden campaign worked with dark money PACs, outside groups like CTCL, and hostile foreign intelligence services supporting BLM and ANTIFA to execute what appears to have been the most successful covert action ever conducted against the USA. The target of this coup was the sovereign American people and the perpetrators were assisted by Big Tech censorship, mainstream media’s propaganda, and it was all enabled by establishment Republicans.

Higgins served as a member of the NSC in the Trump administration until mid-2017, when he began circulating a memo warning that the “deep state” was undermining President Trump’s agenda from within the administration. He was fired by H. R. McMaster from the NSC for this. McMaster was later fired by President Trump for doing what Higgins had pointed out.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal in February this year, Higgins said he was “shocked” that the mission of the NSC was “resistance” against the President’s agenda:

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Staffers were assigned to develop plans for ending U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. Instead they came up with reasons it couldn’t be done. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, delivered them to the president and explained why he couldn’t keep his campaign promises. There were a few Trump loyalists on the staff, but we were outnumbered and mostly ignored. It was clear that the Trump presidency wouldn’t succeed unless the resistance was defeated.

The CTCL that Higgins discussed is the Center for Tech & Civic Life, which is couched as a non-profit “election refrom group,” but is funded by Silicon Valley billionaires, including Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife Priscilla Chan, who donated $250 million. The CTCL allegedly engaged in what appeared to be illegal ballot harvesting just before the election.

“This group, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, there’s a lawsuit right now against this group,” said radio host Vicki McKenna, describing a lawsuit raising the concerns in an interview with Michelle Malkin, “Because it’s private money that is being delivered to cities to conduct elections, and if this in fact is the money behind the Madison Event, conduct elections with illegal ballot harvesting.”

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