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ARIZONA: Trump Rails Against Inaction from AG Brnovich, Legislature Over Maricopa Forensic Audit Inaction

President Trump slammed Arizona AG Mark Brnovich and the legislature from the complete inaction on the findings of the Maricopa County forensic audit.
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ARIZONA: Brnovich Issues Spoliation Letter to Maricopa County, Orders Preservation Of Election Data and Equipment

Arizona's AG Mark Brnovich has sent a demand letter to Maricopa County, requesting documents, election equipment, and CCTV footage, among other items.
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ARIZONA: Kelli Ward, Sen Warren Petersen Call On AG Brnovich to Take Action After Audit Exposes Potential Lawbreaking

Dr Kelli Ward and State Sen Warren Petersen have called on Arizona AG Mark Brnovich to take action following the release of the Maricopa forensic audit.
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ARIZONA: Senate Candidate Brnovich Has History Of Sparring With Trump, Border Hawks Over Immigration

Brnovich fought President Trump on the census and DACA, and upon taking office dropped all efforts to restore a law aimed at stopping human trafficking

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ARIZONA: Attorney General Brnovich, Now Running For Senate, Has Repeatedly Been A Roadblock For Election Integrity

Brnovich’s “lackluster” performance helped Democrats grab Arizona’s electoral votes, and his inaction is helping them ignore the Arizona Audit

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