Jan. 6 Protester Seeks Asylum In Belarus After Being 'Persecuted' By Biden Regime

Eric Neumann, a protester during the January 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, is seeking asylum in the Eastern European Republic of Belarus, as a consequence of him being “persecuted by […]

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DOCS: BLM Activist Admits Bringing Megaphone To 'Instigate' Trump Supporters Inside Capitol Building

“I brought my megaphone to instigate shit. I was like, guys we’re going inside, we’re fucking shit up…. I’m gonna make these Trump supporters f—all this shit up…. But I mean you’ll see," said John Sullivan.
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POLL: 64% of Republicans, 15% of Democrats 'Likely' to Join Hypothetical New Trump-Led Political Party

A newly released poll reveals that incessant negative media coverage, two impeachments, and a near universal betrayal by elected Republicans has not tamped down on President Donald Trump’s popularity among […]

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