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AOC, Squad Promise 'Climate Justice', 'Retroactive COVID Relief', 'Survival Checks', and 'Transformative Change'

In the aftermath of what appears to be a shocking victory for radical Democrats in Georgia’s twin US Senate run-off elections, elements of the Marxist-Left – including US Rep. Alexandria […]

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GEORGIA: Dominion Machines Apparently Break Down In GOP Strongholds, Ballots to Be Scanned Later

In a repeat of exactly what happened during the November 3, 2020 General Election, voters Georgia Republican stronghold precincts have been contacting authorities and media outlets complaining that Dominion Voting […]

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ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Facebook Bans Campaign Ad Account Used By Loeffler, Perdue

Just days before the pivotal twin US Senate run-off elections in Georgia, Facebook has once again inserted itself into the process by shutting down a campaign fundraising page for US […]

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GEORGIA: Warnock, Ossoff to Appear at Event Louis Farrakhan Devotee

The Rev. Raphael Warnock will join his fellow Democrat candidate for Georgia’s US Senate seats, Jon Ossoff, at an event that will also feature a devotee of Louis Farrakhan. Warnock […]

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BREAKING: Project Veritas Documents Democrat’s Hidden Plan to Pack the Supreme Court

Despite accusations of packing the court being a pivotal issue in the 2020 election, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris would comment on the matter publicly, and new comments from […]

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