VIDEO: Ossoff Aide Says He Hides Progressive Values to Sway Georgia ‘Rednecks’


An undercover video has captured a campaign aide to Democrat US Senate candidate Jon Ossoff explaining how the candidate is actively executing a campaign to manipulate Georgians for the votes.

As Georgia voters head to polls today to vote in the twin run-off elections for that state’s two US Senate seats, an October Project Veritas video capturing a campaign aide for Ossoff saying the candidate keeps his Progressivism hidden to sway Georgia “rednecks” is receiving renewed scrutiny.

In the October 26, 2020, undercover video, Ossoff field organizer Dino Nguyen says the candidate “is not going to win the election as a Progressive, and that’s basically it.”

“On the surface, he tries to portray himself as Left of moderate so that all the Georgians – not us Georgians, but all the rednecks and all that stuff – will be like, ‘Oh, he’s kind of cool, but he’s not so far to the Left that I’m not cool with that.’ But deep down he’s low-key Progressive,” Ngyuen is caught admitting in the video.

“Jon is genuine to a certain point, but he can’t show his true self 100 percent of the time,” Nguyen continues. “That’s the tough part of the campaigning in purple or red states.”

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Nguyen continues on in the video to explain that Ossoff keeps his extreme, “Squad-like” Progressive beliefs to himself on the campaign trail “because the people here are not open-minded.”

Ossoff has also been on the hot seat because of his relationship with a pro-Communist Chinese media outlet in Hong Kong and his work for Al Jazeera, a pro-Islamofascist media outlet out of Qatar.

Ossoff is in a tight race with incumbent US Senator David Purdue (R-GA).

Ossoff’s Democrat counterpart in the twin run-off elections, the Rev. Raphael Warnock – who is also in a tight race against incumbent US Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) – has also faced an intense amount of scrutiny during the campaign for his embrace of Black Liberation Theology, his association with a New York Church that celebrated Fidel Castro, and recent allegations of spousal abuse.

At stake in today’s election are both control of the US Senate and whether the United States will fall to totalitarian one-party rule.

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