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VIDEO: Dana White Shuts Down Angry Journalist Who Yelled 'Are You A Doctor' After UFC President Praised Ivermectin

UFC President Dana White calmly rebuked an angry journalist who started shouting, “Are you a doctor!” when White called out politicalbias regarding the use of monocolonal antibodies and ivermectin. Asked […]

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'Thank You, Dr. Joe Rogan': UFC's Dana White Credits Rogan, Ivermectin For Rapid COVID Recovery

Almost immediately after testing positive for COVID-19, UFC President Dana White called Joe Rogan in search of treatment advice. Rogan, who has been a longtime broadcaster for the promotion, has […]

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VIDEO: Dana White Says 'In This Politically Correct World We’re Living In, The UFC Is One Place That Is Not'

“I say it all the time. This is not a nice sport. This is a very rough sport. We say a lot of mean things to each other, and justice gets served at the end of the day.”

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UFC President Dana White Says He Will Not Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines For His Employees

UFC President Dana White will not by forcing any of his employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19. “I’m not putting any restrictions on any of my people and forcing them […]

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UFC's Dana White Says 'It Feels Great To Be Right' About Masks And Lockdowns After CDC Admits Masks Are Useless

“If you don’t want to wear a mask, you should be able to walk around and go do what you want to do without big-mouth people shooting their mouth off.”

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