VIDEO: Dana White Says 'In This Politically Correct World We’re Living In, The UFC Is One Place That Is Not'


UFC president Dana White took a firm stance against woke culture and political correctness on Tuesday, scolding a journalist who demanded to know if the organization would punish or “do anything” to an Israeli fighter who mockingly referred to his Afghani-born opponent as a “terrorist.”

“Are we going to do anything? It got done tonight,” White said, referring to the end result of the fight in which the Israeli fighter lost to his Afghani opponent. “You know what I mean? It’s the beautiful thing about this sport, “I say it all the time. This is not a nice sport. This is a very rough sport. We say a lot of mean things to each other, and justice gets served at the end of the day. Listen, when you have a situation like that, the best way to solve the problem is you fight. And you fight legally, and you get paid to do it, and that’s what happened tonight.”

“No,” White quickly answered when asked if he believes there is a line where a statement by a fighter goes too far. “Not in this business I don’t. There’s been, if you look, you can add that to the pile of some pretty nasty things that have been said in this sport. And not just in this sport, boxing, I’m sure Muay Thai, kickboxing, you know, you name it. “

The UFC president continued, “Mean things are said. In this insanely politically correct world we’re living in, this is one place that is not.”

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White recently made headlines for taking a stand against vaccine mandates, stating he would not implement them in his organization:

UFC President Dana White will not by forcing any of his employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19. “I’m not putting any restrictions on any of my people and forcing them to do anything,” White told Pat McAfee in a recent interview. “I’ve never forced anybody to do anything, let alone take a shot you might not be comfortable with.”

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