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KA-CHING: Pharma Giant Merck Sells Its COVID Pills To Biden Admin At 4,000% Markup

Even as the Democrats and their media allies agitate against potentially safe, cheap and effective COVID-19 treatments, the Biden administration is now buying a new drug called Mulnupiravir, created by […]

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VIDEO: Mexican President Rejects Child Vaccine Use And 'Booster Shots,' Says He 'Won't Be Held Hostage' By Big Pharma

“We need to be careful because, as it’s obvious, pharmaceutical companies wish to make a profit, and would like to keep always selling vaccines for everyone.”

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DEA: Big Pharma Execs Who Called Southerners 'Pillbillies' Failed To Stop Suspicious Opioid Orders For A DECADE

A former DEA investigator testified that three of the country's leading drug distributors failed to stop suspicious orders for opioids for over a decade
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Biden Scraps Trump's Executive Order Lowering Prices of Insulin, EpiPen For Impoverished Americans

In his ongoing campaign to expunge the Trump presidency, President Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) executed an order that would rescind the Trump administration executive order eliminating […]

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