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Jen Psaki Blames the 'Greed of Meat Conglomerates' for Increased Grocery Prices, Biden's Inflation

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during press conference this week that the “greed of meat conglomerates” is to blame for the increased cost of groceries under the […]

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Biden Says He's Sick Because His Grandson 'Likes to Kiss His Pop, and He'd Been Kissing My... Anyway'

During a press conference Joe Biden claimed the reason he is sick is because his grandson "likes to kiss his pop, and he'd been kissing my... anyway."
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Joe Biden Grabs Grandson's Face From Behind, Repeatedly Kisses Him In Viral Clip

The video recently resurfaced amid revelations found in Ashley Biden's diary which depicted acts of sexually inappropriate behavior by Biden with children in the family.
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Official National File Statement Regarding FBI Interest in Ashley Biden's 'Probably Not Appropriate' Showers Diary

National File's Tom Pappert has released a full statement regarding the interest that the FBI has taken in this outlet's publication of Ashley Biden's diary
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Ashley Biden Trends After Her Diary Describing ‘Probably Not Appropriate’ Childhood Showers with Joe Confirmed Legit

Ashley Biden is trending on Twitter following the verification of her diary that National File published last year which included various scandalous details
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