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SJW Activist Who Allegedly Posted Anti-Semitic Cartoons Has History of False Accusations


Gwen Snyder, who allegedly posted anti-Semitic and racist content in a Proud Boys Telegram to frame them, previously accused a 74-year-old delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders of sexual assault in 2016.

The Proud Boys believe Snyder may have posted anti-Semitic content in one of their Telegrams, as the account tied to the posts had only two profile photos, a generic pro-Proud Boys image and the image used by Snyder on all of her web presences.

National File reported:

Snyder made national headlines in July when she claimed – without providing evidence – that Proud Boys went to her home in the middle of the night to threaten her.

Now, Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio believes she might have posted anti-Semitic content in a Proud Boys chat in hopes of framing the men’s organization as racist and anti-Semitic on Twitter.

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A Telegram user entered Tarrio’s public chat room and posted a series of anti-Semitic and anti-Trump content on Wednesday night.

While researching Snyder, National File learned that she had previously made an accusation of sexual assault against a Sanders delegate in 2016.

She claimed that while attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in 2016, a 74-year-old Sanders delegate approached her in a bar, asked to hug her, then slathered “his tongue over the breasts” of Snyder.

The case went to a bench trial, and the judge ultimately threw out the case when no witnesses could corroborate Snyder’s claim.

Metro USA reported:

Judge Charles Hayden threw out an indecent assault charge against Weeks after a three-hour bench trial. In a brief statement, Hayden said several character witnesses who testified on behalf of Weeks factored into the acquittal.

The friends who appeared in support of Weeks disagreed with Snyder’s portrayal of him as a predator.

One person who knew Weeks said after the trial he has a medical condition that causes dry-mouth, so he often has to lick his lips, and suggested that may have been misinterpreted by Snyder.

Two other Sanders delegates in the hotel that night testified they didn’t see or hear about an assault.

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Snyder did not reply to a request for comment from National File on our earlier story about her profile photo being used on Telegram. National File will update both stories if we receive a comment from Snyder.

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