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Seattle Antifa Attack Historic Federal Courthouse, Some Wonder If They Represent 'Threat To Our Democracy'


During the Antifa riot that engulfed two cities on the West Coast during Joe Biden’s inauguration, a federal courthouse was vandalized, leading some to wonder if this represents a staggering “threat to our democracy,” obviously comparing it to the rhetoric used to describe the Capitol Hill protest on January 6.

As the devastation from today’s attack on one of the United States’ most sacred institutions is assessed, the Seattle Police Department revealed that a federal building – in this case a U.S. courthouse – fell victim to the unprecedented attack on American soil.

“Multiple windows shattered at the William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse at 6th Ave and Spring Street,” the department revealed on Twitter.

According to the General Services Administration, “Completed in 1940, the William Kenzo Nakamura U.S. Courthouse was the first single-purpose federal courthouse in the western United States,” giving this attack the added injury of damaging one of the United States’ historic buildings in the West.

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This led Daniel Horowitz, the Senior Editor for Conservative Review, to wonder if attacking such a prestigious building constitutes an “attack on our democracy.”

While Horowitz highlights the apparent double standard in reporting as evidenced by the near-universal pearl clutching when a predominantly older crowd – infiltrated by Antifa agitators – strolled into the United States Capitol, this represents only one scene from today’s Antifa riot, that happened to coincide with Joe Biden’s inauguration.

As National File previously reported, Antifa took to the streets and burned American flags.

The violence was not limited to Seattle.

Antifa militants in Oregon attacked the Democratic Party Headquarters in Portland, resulting in police asking them kindly to stop destroying the left wing political party’s building.

Confirming the riot was caused, at least partially, by hatred for Biden, one Antifa member scrawled “f**k Biden” on one of the few remaining windows, near the main entrance of the Democrat headquarters.

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