PORTLAND: Man With Knife Enters Home And Threatens 12-Year-Old, Police Take 96 Minutes to Respond


A man with a knife ran into a man’s home and locked himself inside with a 12-year-old boy for 96 minutes while the father and neighbors waited for police to arrive outside the home, wondering why police were not responding more quickly to the potentially violent situation.

Speaking to local media, Henry Kirim says he briefly left his apartment to retrieve a bank card from his vehicle when an unknown man rushed into his apartment. Kirim says he then raced after the man and found him holding a weight in one hand and a large knife in the other, with Kirim’s 12-year-old son, terrified, behind him.

Kirim and his son were ultimately able to get out of the apartment, where they called the police and waited for their response with neighbors. As they continued waiting for police to arrive, neighbors began shouting at the man inside the apartment. Eventually, just as police were emerging on the scene, the man fled the apartment and was chased away by neighbors.

In a brief portion of an interview posted to social media, Kirim said “Who knows if he can come back any time?” “And next time around, what will he do?

“That’s why the neighbors wanted him to be apprehended, so at least they would know he would be off the street,” added Kirim. “Now that he’s not being arrested, people are afraid. Even I’m afraid, I didn’t sleep in my house.”

OFF SCRIPT: Biden Jabs 'What A Stupid Question' When Asked About Putin, Believing He Was Off Mic

Portland has been the scene of continuous mob violence since the death of suspected fraudster George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Earlier this month, federal marshals killed the suspected Antifa member and murderer of Aaron Danielson, a pro-Trump member of the Patriot Prayer group, who was brutally executed on a street in Portland due to his political beliefs.

Other members of the mob in Portland celebrated the murder of Danielson, saying the murderer took “out the trash.”

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