Patriots Arrested At Loudoun County School Board Meeting As Critical Race Theory Debate Heats Up


Patriots were persecuted by the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office in Loudoun County in Virginia Tuesday at a county school board meeting, as two men were arrested for simply trying to exercise their First Amendment rights. Patriot parents swarmed to the school board meeting to rail against critical race theory, an anti-white propaganda program taught in many public schools. Parents also objected to some leftist reforms like school workers being mandated to address students by their preferred gender pronouns. “We the Parents Stand Up!,” said one parents’ sign.

The school board unanimously shut down the public comment section after Republican ex-state senator Dick Black blasted the school board and said that leftists made a list to bully conservatives in the county. The school board members fled the meeting amid parental chants of “Shame on You” and an impromptu audience rendition of the American national anthem. The parents who wanted to stay to give their speeches without the board members present were vindictively oppressed. Two patriots were arrested, one for trespassing (he was given a summons and let go) and one man actually picked up charges for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The video of police overreaction is disturbing:

Why are school board meetings becoming the hotspot for clashes between American patriots and leftist subversives and government authorities? Because the future of America’s children is at stake, and parents are tired of being pushed around. NATIONAL FILE RECENTLY REPORTED: Patriot Party of Arizona chairman Steve Daniels was arrested on “suspicion of criminal trespassing” outside a Chandler, Arizona school board meeting. The disturbing video can be seen below. Numerous parents watched as police officers arrested Daniels.

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Patriots are increasingly making their voices heard at school board meetings and other local government functions in the state of Arizona, where the Maricopa County audit is sparking nationwide interest in auditing the disputed 2020 election.

Parents in Vail, Arizona recently staged a peaceful protest against their school board, railing against the board’s mask mandate for children in the school system. And it worked. The Vail Unified School District is no longer mandating masks for when school re-opens in July. Victory!

The Face Freedom protesters convened a vote to elect new school board members, though the mainstream media tried not to recognize the authority of that citizen vote. This Tucson-area protest could set a precedent for other parents across the nation who are trying to un-mask their children against the deranged whims of government authoritarians.

The righteous parents protested inside an event at the Vail Unified School District school board on a Tuesday. That school board was trying to keep its mask mandate for children despite the fact that there is no longer a statewide order compelling them to do so. The outraged parents got their message across. The school board cancelled their meeting that night. The protesters elected an alternate school board, which then dismissed the mask mandate. However, the mainstream media is claiming that the new school board is “unofficial.” Pima County sheriffs’ deputies descended on the scene but the parents would not be intimidated. One of the protesters pressed the officials on “open meeting law” after the school board chose not to hold the meeting.

This scene represents the growing momentum of the Face Freedom movement, which recently staged a “Million Maskless March” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The organizer of that protest, Chris Nelson, is running for Broward County Commissioner. Nelson staged the mega-viral anti-mask “flash mob” at Target, which gave new life to the 1980’s anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister, whose singer Dee Snider disappointingly attacked the Face Freedom protesters for using his song.

Even a recent CDC report totally destroyed the case for mask mandates. As NATIONAL FILE reported: The CDC claims that between March 1 and December 31 of 2020 the mask mandates, which were executed in the vast majority of United States counties, stopped COVID case growth rates by one half of one percent after 20 days and by less than 2 percent after 100 days.

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