Loudoun County School Board Chair Vows Parents 'Won't Interrupt our Work' of Far-Left Indoctrination in Schools


The female Chairman of the Loudoun County, Virginia School Board is vowing not to allow parents to “interrupt our work” of far-left indoctrination in the county’s schools, issuing her statement in the closing moments of a raucous school board meeting earlier this week in which the left-wing board shut down a public debate forum and had district parents opposed to anti-white critical race indoctrination and a radical new pro-trans school policy arrested.

Accusing parents against the school district’s left-wing makeover of “dog-whistle politics,” Brenda Sheridan, the Chairman of the Loudoun County School Board promised that parents of children in the school district “will not delay our work” and that school board members “will not back down” in their fight for so-called equity in schools – which as parents point out, seems to come solely at the expense of white children or children from healthy homes.

“Dog-whistle politics will not delay our work,” Sheridan said before board members staged a walkout at Tuesday night’s meeting. “We will not back down from fighting for the rights of our students and continuing our focus on equity.”

Ahead of the now infamous would-be public board meeting, Loudoun County school district parent and head of Parents Against Critical Race Theory, Scott Mineo told a crowd of over 200 supporters gathered in the parking lot that radical board members like Sheridan would attempt to use words like equity and diversity to advance their oppressive left-wing agenda. The parents, Mineo said, have heard enough.

”Equity, diversity, inclusion,” rattled off Mineo. “Come on…it’s one thing after another after another.”

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As previously reported by National File, sparks flew inside the meeting hall as the left-wing school board opted to shutdown the free exchange of ideas and lock parents out of the decision making process that directly impacts their children’s education.

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