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Journalist 'Devastated' After Her 'Progressive' Newspaper Is Vandalized By Left-Wing Rioters


A journalist posted pictures of destroyed offices at her North Carolina-based publication Sunday, lamenting, “We are a progressive newspaper.”

Leigh Tauss, a news editor for left-leaning Indy Week, posted pictures of the devastation caused by race riots inside the Indy Week offices.

“I’m devastated. We are a progressive newspaper. Last night I was inside when the first brick was thrown #Raleigh,” Tauss tweeted. The photographs show broken glass from windows and office dividers littering the floor, with rioter slogans spray-painted on the outside of the building.

Indy Week, formerly known as Independent Weekly and originally as the North Carolina Independent, is a self-described provider of “Progressive news, culture, and commentary for Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.”

In 2016, Indy Week published a piece titled “Show Up: A White Person’s Guide to Responsible Activism.” In the article, readers were urged to “learn from people who are doing it right, listen to people of color and our marginalized neighbors (not just nonprofits), and show up in ways that may not be comfortable but are necessary.”

Other excerpts from the piece include, “One beneficial thing about social media in 2016 is the attention it drew to the Black Lives Matter movement, including eyewitness video of black people being killed by police,” and “Whatever sincerity we have as people of privilege is not rooted in firsthand knowledge of the experience. A reminder: allies are not in charge.”

Unsurprisingly, the news of Indy Week employees felling “devastated” because their building was targeted by rioters despite being a beacon of liberalism was met with cynicism online.

“Hope you are enjoying the fruits of your race-baiting behavior. Yes—I remember your racially-charged coverage of the Duke Lacrosse case. Choke on it,” one user commented, while another quipped, “Dr. Frankenstein is shocked by the behavior of her monster.”

Race riots continue to flare across the country, with little sign of intervention from the White House.

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