VIDEO: Looter Begs Not to Be Shot by Gun-Toting Store Owner


As more footage from the George Floyd riots emerge with many business owners losing their livelihoods over the devastation and some enduring severe beatings, one man managed to turn the tables on a looter.

Taking place at an unknown location, the footage, presumably filmed by the store owner, depicts an off-camera enraged store owner waving a carbine at the floored rioter while the prostrate looter pleads with the proprietor.

In the expletive-laden brief footage, the owner calls out the looter for breaking his window and robbing his store before the short clip cuts off.

Some people have taken matters into their own hands as the police and authorities are stretched beyond their capabilities due to the rioting across dozens of major cities.

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The rioting has not gained much sympathy from some on-lookers.

One person commented: “After all this, the topic of reparations should be off the table…because now they owe us money.”

“Life comes at ya fast,” joked another person.

On Twitter, many were quick to point out the owner’s right to exercise the Second Amendment.

Overall, many store owners have suffered horrific beatings at the hands of rioters for protecting their stores–unarmed.

A Rochester couple was beaten with two-by-fours for attempting to protect their business from looters.

National File reported on the incident:

The footage begins in a confrontation between two white store owners and a group of rioters armed with two-by-fours.

As the rioters and would-be looters appear to move along, one of the turns around and deals a blow to one of the store owners.

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The rioters then begin to brutally dish out blows with the two-by-fours to the outnumbered couple trying to protect their business.

At the end of the clip, the beaten man screams at the cowardly rioters commanding them to “get away” from his wife.

However, there was another scene over the weekend from Rochester which told a different story as a store owner pulled a shotgun and opened fire on a group of looters vying to break into his store premises.

National File will continue to break news on the global protests as it emerges.

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