Florida Leftist Celebrates Cannon Hinnant's Murder as Others Mock Child's Death


Following the tragic murder of five-year-old North Carolina boy Cannon Hinnant, several individuals have taken to social media to celebrate the death of the child on the basis of his being white.

A Florida Man went viral on social media for a makeshift meme deriding Cannon as some pro-BLM supporters attempt to swerve the narrative back onto the topic of systemic racism allegedly perpetuated by white people and reparations for slavery.

“Too agile for a hanger, but not for a bullet,” the meme read. It was posted to a redacted Facebook group, containing a picture of the young boy. The meme is presumably a reference to a coat-hanger abortion, also mocking the Hinnant family’s socioeconomic status.

The meme disgusted several social media users, who, in turn, posted about the screenshot to their respective platforms.

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The Jacksonville resident believed to be responsible for the post had also posted several left-wing, anti-white and anti-cop memes on his profile.

“Even white people are sick of other white people’s racist bulls***,” one post read.

Earlier this month, National File covered how some social media users laughed about the murder of the 5-year-old, allegedly by his father’s neighbor, Darius Sessoms. One of the posts mocked Cannon’s “white privileged” head being shot while another called the killing “revenge.”

A New Jersey juvenile detention officer was suspended due to his now-deleted Facebook comment joking about how the boy, who was due to start kindergarten this week, should have “ducked” to save his life.

Additionally, a group amassing over 20,000 members called “Justice for Darius Sessoms” initially started as a distasteful troll, but quickly morphed into an ideological battleground filled with baleful content to downplay the coldblooded murder of a child.

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