'Fauci' Movie Flops on IMDB, Receives Average User Rating Of 1.8 Stars Out Of 10


A new documentary from National Geographic lionizing political commentator and Biden regime medical advisor Anthony Fauci has opened to an abysmal reception from viewers on the Internet Movie Database, netting an average viewer rating of below 2 stars out of 10 in some 3,000-plus reviews despite praise from corporate media critics.

Corporate media reviewers salivated over the new documentary on Rotten Tomatoes, concluding “Fauci isn’t the cure for the common bio-doc, but it offers an entertaining and edifying overview of a life largely spent in public service.” Curiously, no audience ratings appear for the film on Rotten Tomatoes at this time.

Despite the praise from the corporate media, “Fauci” was pilloried in the IMDB viewer ratings, averaging 1.8 stars out of 10 at press time. Out of 3,642 reviews, 3,063 gave the lowest possible rating of one star. The film received the most positive response from females over the age of 45, who rated the fawning documentary roughly 4 stars out of 10 on average.

The movie’s trailer also received an overwhelming dislike to like ratio on YouTube.

In the film, Fauci brags about “not taking any s**t from anybody” and complains about “dark web people”:

NEA Urged Social Media Companies To Remove Anti-CRT 'Propaganda', Called Concerned Parents 'Radicalized'

In a new National Geographic documentary glorifying Anthony Fauci, the controversial Biden regime medical advisor is shown complaining in 2020 about “These f**king dark web people” who “are really, really getting bad.” Fauci claimed he learned growing up in Brooklyn that “you didn’t take any s**t from anybody.”

“These f**king dark web people are really, really getting bad,” Fauci seethed in 2020, adding “I mean, they’re really, really harassing Chris” in reference to his wife Christine Grady.

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