CNN Admits Gas Prices Have Surged To Highest Point Since 2014, Says Biden's Excuses May Not 'Work Super Well'


Video footage from the Cable News Network shows that the pro-Biden corporation has admitted that gas prices have spiked to the highest point since 2014, though the network is reticent to place the blame for the surging costs at the feet of the Biden administration.

“What else matters, to the average American? Gas prices,” And gas prices in October of 2021, they are at its highest point since October of 2014, three dollars and 19 cents,” CNN admitted. “Now, obviously there are a number of issues as to the reason why, but trying to explain OPEC plus to a person to has to fill up their tank at three dollars and 19 cents doesn’t necessarily work super well if you are the White House.”

The Biden administration’s botched handling of economic policy has been eagerly seized upon by proponents of 45th President Donald Trump. In a recent op-ed for Real Clear politics, former Trump advisor Steve Cortes noted, “The outlook is not much better for natural gas, because those prices are up a stunning 89% since Biden was elected. That price increase should particularly gall Americans since Donald Trump had transformed our country into the Saudi Arabia of natural gas and an energy superpower overall.”

Cortes continued, “That inheritance has been squandered by Joe Biden and his misbegotten war on U.S energy. As usual with leftist policies, people of modest incomes will literally pay the price as temperatures drop in the coming weeks.”

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In May, a Biden regime official blamed the gas crisis on a “supply crunch”:

Biden Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said Tuesday, “Because of the fact that there’s not a whole lot of other supplies, now this particular pipeline also supplies other states, but there are other pipelines that supply other states as well so there’s more diversity. In this particular region, that’s where we’re gonna see the crunch. Um, and this is why we are, we know that we have gasoline, we just have to get it to the right places.”

“And that’s why I think these next couple of days will be challenging,” Granholm continued. “And we want to encourage people, it’s not that we have a gasoline shortage, it’s that we have this supply crunch, and things will be back to normal soon, and that we’re asking people not to hoard.”

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