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DOCUMENTS: Google Told Employees to Protest Trump, 'No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for All'


Documents released by Project Veritas, provided by a Google insider who claims the big tech platform tried to ruin his life, reveal that Google taught its employees how to protest President Donald Trump, going as far as to offer a series of potential chants they could employee against the Trump administration.

The latest trove of documents released by Project Veritas contains a document titled “Beginner’s Guide to Protesting (#GooglersUnite)“, offering a series of strategies and advice to would-be protesters.

While the document may seem innocuous at first glance, it exclusively offers advice on how to protest President Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the policies of the Trump administration.

The document is clearly meant for Google employees, and encourages “Googlers” to ” Be energetic! Make noise! Participate in the chants! Carry a sign! Invite others (even if they don’t work for Google!)” (emphasis added).

It also encourages Google employees to bring signs reading “‘#NoMuslimBan #NoWall'”, “‘Don’t Be Evil'”, “‘Refugees Welcome’”, “’Immigrants Welcome’”, “’Make America Welcoming Again’”, “’#GooglersUnite’”, “’Resist’”, “’Never Again’”, “’No Ban No Wall’”, “’This is not who we are'”, and strangely, “’Muslims cure cancer’”.

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Google also tells its employees to look “energetic”, and to ” Be that badass photo shouting for what they believe in” rather than “that person checking your phone looking bored”.

Perhaps the most damning part of the document appears at the end, where Google gives its employees a series of sample chants they can employee while protesting the Trump administration:

Example Chants:

What do we want? JUSTICE! When do we want it? NOW!

Oh HEY. Hey OH. That Muslim Ban Has Got To Go. Oh HEY. Hey OH. That…

Show me what democracy looks like? THIS is what democracy looks like

No Ban! No Wall!

No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for All

No Ban, No Wall, America’s for All

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No Hate, No Fear, Refugees are welcome here

No Hate, No Fear, Immigrants are welcome here

From Palestine to Mexico, All the walls have got to go

One, Two, Three, Four – Bring your Rich, Bring your Poor. Five, Six, Seven, Eight – No more Fear, No more Hate

This latest Google document dump reveals the company is exactly what Republicans have long feared – a group of partisan hacks who seek to use their influence to manipulate the minds of Americans.

National File recently reported that so much as questioning climate change, according to Google, puts you into the same camp as Holocaust deniers:

In a file titled “Censorship”, a screen shot is available titled “Sample fringe queries”.

The screen shot offers a number of items searched that should be considered fringe. Among these are “did the holocaust happen”, “sandy hook shooting is a false flag”, “vatican knows about aliens”, and “proof earth is flat”, all search items the majority of users would, indeed, consider fringe.

However, alongside them are perfectly reasonable questions that any curious mind may ask.

These include, “is global warming real”, “climate change hoax”, “who shot JFK”, and “do vaccines cause autism”.

It remains to be seen what Congress will do to prevent Google from continuing to manipulate public discourse, but it is almost a certainty that the big tech company will attempt to meddle in the 2020 election.

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