'Rona Madness

Cuckolds, Furries, Fetishists, and Feminists Hit Hard by Coronavirus Pandemic


Internet cuckolds, furries, and feminists have all been hit remarkably hard by the coronavirus pandemic as social distancing rules due to the enactment of social distancing rules.

Cuckolds have reportedly found it hard to give their paramours space to spend quality time with the significant other–other.

National File reported on a Redditor who had a tempestuous time coming to an arrangement with his wife and her bull–or lover.

According to a report, the coronavirus is making the sex life of those involved in cuckoldry within their relationships a little more challenging.

A tweet containing a screenshot from a Reddit post from the r/polyamory community shows the gripe of a cuckold who cannot find a public place to enjoy some peace and quiet while his significant other is sexually satisfied by a third party.

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He came to the proposed solution of: “The only thing I can think of so far that would be safe for all involved would be that I might need to take up long walks to leave for 60-90 minutes here and there, with some coordination so I’m very polite about planned return times,” to give his wife plenty of space.

Polyamory relationships have seen their reputation further tarnished after a famed relationship involving a heavily pregnant woman and her four lovers went sour. One of the former lovers reportedly beat the 5-week-old infant so badly he fractured several of the baby girl’s bones.

The Furry community has reported cancellations of their conventions and several large gatherings amid social distancing rules. The Atlanta Furry convention, due to be held in May, was pulled due to coronavirus concerns, further impacting the tight-knit community.

According to another report, because of a demand shock in alcohol-related sanitary products, “fursuits” are left unwashed and smelly as the coronavirus crisis has led to a dearth of alcohol gels and sprays.

A furry couple was recently arrested for luring a man with promises of sex before brutally murdering him with a knife, gun, and dumbbell, then taking off with the man’s pick-up truck. The couple also reportedly skinned their pet dog to make a more authentic “fursuit” to sell online.

And finally, lockdowns and social distancing has been a disaster for feminism as many women revert back to traditional gender roles in an environment where they cannot enter the workforce as non-essential businesses close down.

The Atlantic reported:

Purely as a physical illness, the coronavirus appears to affect women less severely. But in the past few days, the conversation about the pandemic has broadened: We are not just living through a public-health crisis, but an economic one. As much of normal life is suspended for three months or more, job losses are inevitable. At the same time, school closures and household isolation are moving the work of caring for children from the paid economy—nurseries, schools, babysitters—to the unpaid one. The coronavirus smashes up the bargain that so many dual-earner couples have made in the developed world: We can both work, because someone else is looking after our children. Instead, couples will have to decide which one of them takes the hit.

Couples with children have witnessed more traditional family dynamics reappearing–with women being recalled from their duty as joint-breadwinner to a more archaic role of mother.

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The Atlantic continued:

According to the British government’s figures, 40 percent of employed women work part-time, compared with only 13 percent of men. In heterosexual relationships, women are more likely to be the lower earners, meaning their jobs are considered a lower priority when disruptions come along. And this particular disruption could last months, rather than weeks. Some women’s lifetime earnings will never recover. With the schools closed, many fathers will undoubtedly step up, but that won’t be universal.

Several internet subcultures have poked fun at the global pandemic’s effect in stifling certain rival communities. Online fringe political factions have also derided how the coronavirus has picked apart the domination political structure.

Nationalists and traditionalists on the right have welcomed the gaping flaws in globalist economics, immigration, and progressive social dynamics exposed by Covid-19.

Non-liberal leftists, such as Marxist denominations and anarchists have relished the challenges faced by exploitative megacorporations, banks, and privately-owned medicine.

Almost everyone has enjoyed receiving a stimulus check–reopening a discussion after the feasibility of universal basic income.

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