CPAC Official Regina Bratton's Anti-Trump, Pro-Biden Activism Exposed: Called Biden 'Our Last Hope'


Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) official Regina Bratton is an unabashed anti-Trumper, pro-masker and Obama and Biden fan, NATIONAL FILE has learned. Bratton’s anti-Trump activism highlights the plague of pro-Democrat subversion in the conservative movement. CPAC’s Regina Bratton said during the 2020 election that Joe Biden was “our last hope” but was disappointed in his choice of Kamala Harris as running mate. Bratton, a black woman, disparaged Kamala Harris because “she’s married to a white dude” and thus “she is not one of us.”

At the recent CPAC conference in Dallas, Texas, Regina Bratton reportedly identified herself as the “Executive Director” of CPAC in order to publicly distance the conference from Congressman Matt Gaetz. Bratton’s title as “Executive Director” was reported by Zach Petrizzo, a leftist reporter who now works for the left-wing rag Salon. Petrizzo later took Bratton’s name out of his article, but Bratton’s identity was preserved on other outlets including nothingbutpolitics’ cross-post of Raw Story’s aggregation of Salon’s article. NATIONAL FILE contacted Petrizzo and asked why Bratton’s name was removed, and specifically if it was removed at CPAC’s request, and did not receive a response.

Regina Bratton is listed on Zoominfo as working at the American Conservative Union as of 2021. Regina Bratton is listed on the CPAC NOW website as CPAC Now producer, and she recently shared segments featuring CPAC boss Matt Schlapp and his wife Mercedes Schlapp, including a CPAC Now segment. CPAC officials including the public relations staff and communications director Ian Walters — who kicked conservative reporters out of CPAC in 2020 — did not return requests for comment on Bratton. At CPAC’s 2021 conference in Florida, organizers required attendees to wear masks.

Regina Bratton was reportedly identified as CPAC’s “Executive Director” when she made her move against Gaetz.

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Regina retweeted Matt Schlapp and a CPAC NOW:

NATIONAL FILE has archived Bratton’s disturbing anti-conservative tweets on her Twitter account, where she has posted retweets of Alyssa Milano, the Lincoln Project, Liz Cheney, Meghan McCain, Mitt Romney marching for Black Lives Matter, The Daily Show, Joy Reid, Amy Klobuchar, and various other figures of the globalist establishment.

January 20, 2021: Regina Praises Barack and Michelle Obama’s fashion at the Sleepy Joe inauguration.

Regina Bratton said that Joe Biden “was our last hope.” Regina Bratton was explicitly supporting Biden in the 2020 election.

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Regina Bratton says that Kamala Harris “is not one of us” because she is “married to a white dude,” Doug Emhoff, who is Jewish.

Regina retweeted a call for the NFL to apologize to Colin Kaepernick.

Regina retweeted messages hoping for Trump’s resignation and America First congressman and Senate candidate Mo Brooks’ resignation from Congress and Marianne Williamson’s tweet clearly comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Regina Bratton praised left-wing media propagandists Yamiche Alcindor and Kristen Welker.

Regina Bratton has hyped COVID extensively and pushed for mask use:

Regina retweeted Greta Van Susteren’s shaming of non-maskers.

Regina Bratton said “politics aside” regarding Kellyanne Conway and quoted Michelle Obama’s “when they go low, we go high” mantra, making her Democrat sympathies clear.

Regina Bratton praised Ruth Bader Ginsburg and clearly does not like Trump.

Regina Bratton hated the 2016 election cycle, which President Trump won.

Regina Bratton insulted President Trump‘s intelligence when Trump was in office.

Regina Bratton praises Biden during the 2020 Election.

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