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BREAKING: Videos Emerge After Four Marines Killed In ISIS Bombing Outside Kabul Airport, Germans Pull Out Of Afghanistan [UPDATE]


An unknown number of Americans have been injured by a bombing outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan that is being attributed to the Islamic State by a member of the Biden regime. Videos have started to emerge showing the devastation wrought by the bomb, and the German military has reportedly pulled out of the airport following the attack, perhaps further weakening the American position as the country prepares to pull out of Afghanistan on August 31.

The “complex attack” outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan is “definitely believed” to have been performed by ISIS, according to a U.S. official who “spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss ongoing operations.” This happened only hours after the Taliban pledged that Afghanistan would no longer habor terrorists, and the attack left an unconfirmed number of Americans injured. At press time, no Americans are believed to have been killed by the terrorist attack. (READ MORE: Biden Considering Airstrikes On Equipment Left In Afghanistan As Americans Remain Stranded)

Update: The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that four U.S. Marines are among those who were killed during the attacks being attributed to the Islamic State. The Biden regime initially only said that an undisclosed number of Americans were injured.

The attack took the form of two suicide bombers who detonated their explosives outside the airport in Kabul, killing at least 13 people according to Russian officials. At least 15 were wounded, with the number seeming likely to rise as the day goes on. Biden’s regime has confirmed that Americans were wounded in the blast, but has not elaborated on the number or the extent of the injuries. Contradicting claims from the West, the Taliban says at least 52 people were wounded in the twin bombings. For days, the United States has warned of a potential terrorist attack at the airport.

Now, videos have begun to emerge showing the devastation at the scene, and showing the detonations in view of the Kabul skyline. Unconfirmed reports indicate at least three Americans were wounded in the blasts. (READ MORE: Joe Biden Smirks, White House Cuts Audio After Question About Thousands Of Americans He Left Stranded In Afghanistan)

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Following the explosions, the German Air Force has reportedly left Kabul with all three of its aircraft and all soldiers on board, leaving a greater share of the defense of the airport to the United States until the country will be forced to withdraw on August 31 after the Taliban refused to meet Biden’s request for more time. Come August 31, any Americans left in Afghanistan will be trapped in the country with no clear way to escape. Thus far, the Biden regime has prioritized evacuating Afghan refugees over American citizens, with only 4,000 Americans being evacuated earlier this week compared to 21,000 Afghans.

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