Blue Checkmark to White Parents: Make Sons Watch Trevor Noah, John Oliver to Defeat 'Alt-Right'


Verified Twitter user Joanna Schroeder went on a 20-tweet screed urging mothers of “white teenage sons” to fight white supremacy by indoctrinating their sons with left-wing opinion shows and intersectionalist talking points.

Radio show host Rush Limbaugh has famously called Twitter “the sewer of the internet,” and there has never been a more resounding vindication of that statement than a lengthy Twitter thread that went viral on Monday.

In the thread, which has been retweeted over 70,000 times at press time, the verified Twitter user implores parents to make their “white teenage sons” watch late night television hosts in the interests of freeing them from the sinister clutches of the alt-right.

For those who be wondering how social media vloggers and streamers (a form of video blogging popularized by YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Doctor DisRespect) are at fault for right-wing radicalization, Schroeder has the answer:

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“First, the boys are inundated by memes featuring subtly racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic jokes … The second step is the boys consuming media with the ‘people are too sensitive’ and ‘you can’t say anything anymore!’ themes.”

These memes and videos, Schroeder argues, create anger against “Women, feminists, liberals, people of color, gay folks, etc etc.” and this hidden bigotry often goes unnoticed by everyone except “moms like me who stalk our sons’ social media.”

The use of the word triggered is also of particular concern to Schroeder: “Here’s an early red flag: if your kid says “triggered” as a joke referring to people being sensitive, he’s already being exposed & on his way.”

After several more verbiage-laden paragraphs detailing the terrible danger of white supremacy lying in wait to brainwash teenagers on the internet, Schroeder proposes a solution to the problem: make your sons watch Trevor Noah and John Oliver.

“You can also watch political comedy shows with him, like Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Hasan Minhaj. Talk about what makes their jokes funny – who are the butt of the jokes? Do they ‘punch up’ or down?” Schroeder says.

She adds, “Show them that progressive comedy isn’t about being ‘politically correct’ or safe. It’s often about exposing oppressive systems – which is the furthest thing from ‘safe’ or delicate as you can get.”

The thread has since gone viral, showcasing a problem that many have pointed out about Twitter, namely that it acts as a decompressed echo chamber for fringe left-wing ideas, enabling them to quickly gain traction with minimal push back from site administrators.

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