VIDEO: Bannon Says China Willing to Slaughter Hong Kong to Stop 'Contagion of Freedom'


While streaming to the National File Facebook page, former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon explained that the Chinese could be planning a second Tienanmen Square Massacre to prevent the “contagion of freedom” from spreading to Hong Kong.

Bannon streamed to the National File Facebook page yesterday to explain the plight of the young patriots in Hong Kong, who Bannon says are currently being threatened with the full weight of the Chinese Community Party’s military apparatus for their pro-freedom protests.

“One of the reasons it’s so important for you watch what’s going on Hong Kong, I don’t know if you really understand what these kids are up against,” said Bannon. “They’re up against the most totalitarian dictatorship in history.

“The power of the Chinese Communist Party, the power of the People’s Liberation Army, is massing at the border of Hong Kong, and threatening to roll in.”

Bannon explained that the Chinese government could easily replicate, or dwarf, the events of the Tienanmen Square massacre, where between 10,000 and 50,000 young Chinese dissidents were brutally murdered after raising a replica of Lady Liberty in the Chinese Forbidden City.

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“Tienanmen Square happened in 1989 and the world was quiet about it,” said Bannon. “What we know is between 10,000 and 50,000 young Chinese that were protesting the oppression of the Chinese government, and actually made a replica of Lady Liberty.”

Bannon went on, “Once they put that up, they rolled the tanks in. And we think between 10,000 and 50,000 were slaughtered in a couple of days.

“That’s what could happen in Hong Kong.”

He went on to explain that the Chinese Communist Party is desperate to snuff out the “contagion of freedom” within the Communist society, and ready to use force to stop it if necessary.

“And why? Because the People’s Liberation Army and the entire apparatus of the Chinese Communist Party do not want the contagion of freedom to spread in mainland China.”

Bannon went on to note that the dissidents on Hong Kong are proudly using the American flag as a symbol of freedom and prosperity.

“The other day we had this example, on the same day in Hong Kong, when these young patriots are being beaten by the riot police, tear gas, they had rubber bullets shot at them,” said Bannon. “They are walking through the airport, and walking through Hong Kong, not with the Union Jack, which they were doing 11 weeks ago, but with Old Glory, the flag of the United States of America.”

He explained, “And why are they doing that? Because that flag represents freedom to people throughout the world.”

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“And that drives their communist masters nuts,” Bannon added.

“When they’re getting tear gassed and beaten and shot at, the flag they’re raising is not the flag of the Chinese Communist Party,” Bannon concluded, “But the flag of the free people of the world as represented by the United States of America.”

Bannon is currently Chairman of the Citizens of the American Republic, an organization affiliated with the viral We Build The Wall campaign that’s stated goal is “Maximizing your American citizenship value [and] promoting Economic Nationalism”. Follow them on Twitter: @CitizensAR and Instagram: @CitizensAR.

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