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Patrick Howley on Infowars: Epstein Was A 'Work of Fiction'


Patrick Howley appeared on The Alex Jones Show on Monday to discuss the recent death of disgraced financier and alleged pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Owen Shroyer, filling in for Jones, asked Howley what was the most significant thing for the audience to know regarding Epstein. Howley noted that so far, there are “at least 102 victims” of the sex trafficking and pedophile ring that Epstein was apparently at the center of. “Civil litigation can only go so far,” he said. “We really need President Donald Trump to step in and command Attorney General Barr to get to the bottom of it.”

According to Howley, Epstein was “a character – he was a work of fiction.” Not in the way that he never existed, but that Epstein was “not really the top level of the elite… He was used by handlers to set up people up”:

My understanding of him is that he was secular and not part of the Luciferian religion. He was used to blackmail Rhodes scholars, like Bill Clinton, and people who had been through the system who knew that they were supposed to engage in some sort of satanic activity. However, the satanic activity that was going on at that island was closely monitored and used for blackmail. I think the fact that he was not really a member of their club made it easier to kill him.

Howley emphasized the importance of not stopping any investigations at Epstein himself. “We have to go after his handlers,” he said. “Ultimately, that is going to reveal the true power structure of the world. The media doesn’t want to tell us [that], or the fact that the right vs left paradigm is mostly false.”

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Shroyer lambasted the globalist news media for barely breathing even “a breath of wind into [this] story, but it’s huge. It’s all coming out.” He asked Howley whether he thought that the true story will ever be revealed to the world, or whether it would be buried, “by either dark forces or… by the good forces that brought this evil down but don’t think that the American public can handle this?” Howley said that he was “determined to make sure this stuff comes out” as he has done for years.

“Epstein has moved the ball down the field quite a bit” in terms of pushing along cases of human trafficking and sex trafficking in the public consciousness, and ensuring civil litigiation against other perpetrators, including Harvey Weinstein and the Church of Scientology, Howley said:

There is a long list of targets. As long as Trump is the Commander in Chief, then we have a chance to use law enforcement to continue to prosecute these cases.  I’m going to do everything to expose Child Protective Services and others.

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