BIDEN: Kamala Is 'Ready To Be President Day One If Somebody Pushed Me Off A Roof, Or Something'


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is “ready to be president on Day One if I – if somebody pushed me off a roof or something,” stoking rumors that Biden could be poised to hand the reigns of the presidency to Harris immediately after potentially winning the November election.

Biden made the remarks Wednesday while appearing on celebrity Steve Harvey’s radio show.

“She’s ready to be president on Day One if I – if somebody pushed me off a roof or something… there are a lot of really fine women that I had to choose from, but I think she’s ready on Day One,” Biden said.

Biden, who has previously described described himself as a “transition” candidate, also described Harris as “so good” and “so damn bright and knowledgeable.”

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Harris has previously referred to a “Harris administration” when speaking with small business owners in Arizona last week, before quickly correcting herself.

The Biden campaign has been beset with multiple gaffes along the campaign trail.

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Last week, Biden was tormented during an early-morning speech by a large locust-like insect that repeatedly landed on his neck and face as he stood in front of a crop field:

“The unrelenting impact of climate change affects every single solitary one of us,” Biden says, “but too often, the brunt falls disproportionately on communities of color, exacerbating the need for exiromental, for, environmental justice…”

Biden then reaches up to his neck to rip the insect, which appears to be an oversized locust, off his neck and shoo it away.

“Sorry, that was a bug. Speaking of the environment,” Biden quips.

Biden could be seen repeatedly swiping at his face to dispel the winged pest, only for it to return and latch on to his head moments later.

Biden’s age and cognitive abilities have become major talking points of the Trump campaign in the lead-up to the November 3rd election.

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