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At Least 10 Countries Report Faulty Covid-19 Equipment from China


At least ten countries have reported faulty medical equipment arriving from China to combat the deadly coronavirus, which has ground several countries to a standstill.

Earlier last week, it was reported that the UK had returned equipment contaminated with the Covid-19 coronavirus when it was screened by a Luxembourg-based company.

Spain, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, and Australia had all recalled or seized defective equipment including face masks and inaccurate coronavirus test kits.

Additionally, Turkey and Georgia had also recalled faulty Chinese medical equipment to tackle the spread of the infection.

Ireland’s Conor Macgregor slammed China for sending his country medical gear which failed to meet requirements, calling the situation “truly horrendous.”

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National File, on April 1, reported on the revelation of sub-par China-made goods designed to combat the pandemic:

Yesterday, Australian officials reportedly seized facemasks exported from China to help combat the spread of the virus.

The Australian Border Force seized around 800,000 defective facemasks worth around $12m AUD.

National File recently reported on a viral video of a Chinese factory worker snickering as he rubbed facemasks on his shoe.

The UK reported of Covid-19 testing kits sent from China found to be contaminated with the coronavirus when they were being surveyed by a Luxembourg-based company.

The delivery of the kits were delayed by the contamination.

Last week, Spain returned faulty Covid-19 testing kits after the Spanish government bought the kits from an unauthorized Chinese company.

The first batch, of around 9,000 kits, found that only 30% tested the patients for the virus with reliable accuracy–even though an 80% level of accuracy was expected, according to the New York Times.

The head of Spain’s public health emergency department Fernando Simon said: “Spain obtained several providers and supply routes. The first one sent a batch of 9,000 tests that were validated at the National Center of Epidemiology and some hospitals (in Madrid).

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“The specifications of the batch did not match up with the certification of quality that came with it, which meant they had to be returned and the company will change them.”

The Netherlands was forced to recall around 600,000 China-made masks as they failed to meet specifications. The Czech Republic also reportedly returned sub-par Chinese equipment–some of which was diverted from Italy–designed to help battle the pandemic.

China has struggled to meet standards as they scramble to reach global demand for protective, medical equipment to help stifle the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

China was also accepted to the UN’s Human Rights Council earlier this week in spite of multiple continuing human rights abuses.

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