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VIDEO: Chinese Woman Bites Head, Limbs off Turtle for Social Media


A stomach-churning video has emerged on social media showing a Chinese woman bite the head and limbs off a cooked turtle with the shell still intact.

The woman appears to thoroughly enjoy her meal as she utters a few words while she slurps at her amphibious soup.

The video circulated at a time where Chinese wet markets reportedly reopened despite global disgust at the conditions and cruel practices towards animals in these infamous markets.

Bloomberg ran an unpopular opinion piece in favor of wet markets, which was summarily pilloried on Twitter, with multiple accounts clearly angered by the article.

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The video below was poorly received, with most comments calling out a slew of unorthodox food stuffs being eaten on film, originating in China.

Videos showing Chinese people eating live mice, tadpoles, frogs, crabs, and sea cucumbers have all done the rounds in past months.

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, certain practices, such as boiling and skinning dogs alive, have been met with global outrage and condemnation.

In a post captioned, “why can’t y’all just eat spaghetti or sumn,” the women profoundly enjoys her dish of turtle soup.

Some social media users took to pointing out the woman’s build, while others pointed out other food options.

Another suggested the possibility of another pandemic like coronavirus, which has much of the world on lockdown.

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There had been much conjecture over the origin of the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus as to where it had originated.

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For months, some have argued its provenance was at a Wuhan wet market among the vast array of wild animals sold there.

Experts have established that other infectious diseases, including Ebola, can be sourced to wet markets and bush meat, underscoring concern over China’s apparent dependence on the sometimes frightening food.

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