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VIDEO: Amazon Worker Says 'Dildos are Not Essential Items' as Warehouse Remains Open


An angered Amazon worker made the value judgement asserting that “dildos” were “not essential items” at a speech in Detroit.

In a tweet from WXYZ reporter, Kim Russell, it was announced the Amazon worker had taken issue with the decision to stay open, working “shoulder-to-shoulder,” when three of his co-workers had tested positive for the deadly Covid-19.

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The Detroit warehouse had reportedly remained open, without cutting hours and continued to sell non-essential items, such as “dildos.”

The worker starts by saying, “they should not be selling non-essential items. If you go on the website, all the essential items are selling out.

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“Until you restock, and until you close this building–shut it down.

“Dildos are not essential items.”

The worker continues: “books for kids, yes. But, dildos? No!”

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Russell tweeted: “This @Amazon worker said he’d understand if they cut hours and stayed open selling essentials as they come in stock. But with all the non essential items they’re forced to work “shoulder to shoulder.” He says 3 co-workers are confirmed to have the virus.”

Of course, the enraged worker’s choice of non-essential item drew a range of mixed emotions in the comments.

“Ventilators not vibrators,” one tweeter joked.

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Another remarked: “Now I feel bad for ordering a pair of Chewbacca socks from Amazon yesterday. I didn’t really think about the people in the warehouse having to work in close quarters to fulfill my order. Sorry!”

A third wrote: “We can all stop buying non-essential items to support these workers. It’s time to use the power of the purse. Anyway, it’s a good time to hold onto cash if you can.”

On Thursday, a Detroit bus driver died less than two weeks after posting a video expressing concerns over coughing passengers.

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