Sex Crimes

Woman Who Forced Boy, 6, Into Performing Sex Acts Asked 'Do You Like It When You Make Me Feel Good'


There’s a strong narrative that downplays or excludes horrific acts of pedophilia committed by women in line with another narrative that viciously denigrates masculinity.

Oftentimes, the media will water down crimes committed by women on minors by phrasing such as: “had sex with…” which tacitly implies consent.

A recent push to deconstruct taboos surrounding consent or to create a more consent-oriented culture has emerged in the media.

Teen Vogue released a article called, ‘Video Shows Toddlers Understand Consent’ in May 2017.

Last year, a video containing an ‘expert’ urging parents to practice consent with their infants when changing their diapers went viral for all the wrong reasons–as social media users were openly mocking it.

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Christine Alyce Slayman, 28, was jailed for forty years in February after filming two videos of a highly explicit sexual nature with a six-year-old boy.

In one of the videos, she orders the boy to perform a sexual act on her with a sex toy.

During the sexual act, she asked the boy ‘do you want to make me feel good? Do you like it when you make me feel good?’

Metro reports:

Both videos were filmed in 2015 at Slayman’s home in King William, Virginia, with FBI agents uncovering a further 16 abuse clips recorded over several months the same year.

Slayman’s relationship to her victim has not been shared by investigators, with the child now in care of relatives.

She sent the clips to her unnamed boyfriend afterwards, then deleted them from her phone.

Her boyfriend kept them on a thumb drive as a means of extorting further videos from her, it is claimed, with investigators now working towards indicting him.

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Slayman admitted to two counts of producing child porn in what has been condemned as an act that robbed the victim of his childhood.


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