'Rona Madness

Woman Cuts Hole in Face Mask To Make it 'Easier to Breathe'


A woman was mocked on social media after cutting a hole into her face mask to make it easier to breathe.

Of course, cutting a mask in such a manner would render the protective equipment useless, increasing the user’s risk of infecting or contracting the coronavirus.

The woman was filmed as she walked into a shop to make a purchase, where she was asked where she managed to find that mask.

The woman informed the clerk that it helped her breathe easier–despite being completely useless.

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The unnamed woman was derided on social media for her pointless creation.

Many joked about “natural selection” while others poked fun at her candidacy for a “Darwin Award.”

Dr Hilary Jones warned viewers of UK showGood Morning Britain’ to refrain from punching holes in their face masks–and that they had to bear with being uncomfortable for their own safety.

He said: “They’re very uncomfortable to wear, they actually put a pressure mark against the skin. Otherwise you’re going to get a lot of air coming through in the cheeks, up the nose and down the side and they’re less effective.”

Some people have come up with creative ways to protect themselves in the current global crisis.

Images of people wearing sanitary pads, cabbage leaves, grapefruits, water bottles, diapers, and all sorts of face coverings as improvised masks have surfaced, often going viral on social media for their unusual appearance.

National File reported on a high-flying Nigerian student who created a face mask from beads for people who struggled with breathing. Similar to the anonymous holed-face-mask-wearing woman, their inventive reengineering of the face mask proves the protective equipment useless.

National File reported:

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A high-flying Nigerian student was mocked on social media after creating a face mask for people with breathing problems–unfortunately, the masks themselves weren’t adequately protective as they had holes in them.

Twenty-year-old Ishicheli Grace Kenechi, a first class Anatomy graduate of Delta State University, was showcased by Legit–a Nigerian outlet–for her innovative masks made out of beads.

Legit captioned the tweet introducing the story with: “20-year-old first class Anatomy graduate of Delta State University, Ishicheli Grace Kenechi is making face masks with beads after observing that some people find it hard to breathe with the popular face masks. Isn’t this innovative?”

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