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WISCONSIN RECOUNT: Out Of 176 Recount Workers, Only 58 Are Republican


In one of the most outrageous and lopsided politically partisan acts of the 2020 General Election, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has seated 118 Democrats to the 176 recount poll worker positions giving access to just 58 Republicans to the process.

The Commission issued a statement Wednesday announcing that it will engage in a recount effort in just two Wisconsin counties, Milwaukee and Dane. Milwaukee County is home to its namesake city, Milwaukee, and Dane County is home to the state capital, Madison.

Milwaukee and Dane counties are both the most populated counties and the most Democrat-leaning.

The decision to execute the recount, which is not mandatory in the State of Wisconsin no matter how close the race results are, was arrived at after the Trump campaign paid a $3 million dollar filing fee. A full recount for the state would have cost the Trump campaign in the neighborhood of $8 million.

According to Jim Hoft at the GatewayPundit, one Republican officer from Dane County said, “Only 12 out of 176 names submitted by the Republicans were accepted by the commission as recount workers.”

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Since pressure has been applied by the public toward this overt exercise in partisanship, the Wisconsin Elections Commission upped the number of Republicans by 46, decreasing the ratio from 41:3 to 2:1.

As it stands, Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden leads President Trump in Wisconsin 49.6 percent (1,630,673) to 48.9 percent (1,610,065). A difference of less than 1 percent of the votes cast.

With a ratio of 2 to 1, the recount, paid for by the Trump campaign, will be done predominantly by Democrats with scant Republican oversight.

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