WATCH: Shapiro Tells American Workers Low Wages Are 'A You Problem', Has Never Had A Real Job


In a newly unearthed video, Ben Shapiro tells American workers that working low wage jobs is “a you problem”, and that they simply should not take a job if it does not pay enough money.

On an episode of his questionably popular radio show, unearthed by the far-left Media Matters For America, Shapiro is seen insulting American workers by telling them that working low wage jobs is a result of their own bad decisions.

“The fact is that if you had to work more than one job to have a roof over your head or food on your table, you probably shouldn’t have taken the job that’s not paying you enough,” said Shapiro.

“That would be ‘a you problem.'”

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Shapiro seemingly ignores the fact that the majority of Americans working low wage jobs do not have the type of economic mobility enjoyed by Shapiro.

A report written by the New York Federal Reserve in 2018 notes that “If you start in one of those low-wage occupations, you have a higher probability of becoming unemployed than moving up the career ladder.”

Meanwhile, Shapiro appears not to have worked what most would consider a manual labor or low wage job in his entire life.

Shapiro, widely considered a child prodigy by neoconservatives, was a nationally syndicated columnist by 17, had written two books only a few years later. He was proudly defending the Iraq war while writing for Town Hall in 2005, when he was only 21.

In 2012, Shapiro would join Breitbart News, where he wrote until 2016, when he walked out after defending the conspiracy theory that then-campaign manager for President Donald Trump, Cory Lewendowski, assaulted Breitbart journalist Michelle Fields.

From 2016 until now, Shapiro has hosted a podcast and radio show of questionable popularity, and ran The Daily Wire.

Shapiro has, seemingly, always had this silver spoon lodged firmly in his cranium.

In 1996, when most Americans were experiencing the fallout of the forgotten recession of the early 1990s, Shapiro appeared on television with Larry King at the Israeli Bonds Banquet.

He played the theme from “Schlinder’s List” as King joked about his bright future.

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“Benjamin Shapiro is 12 years old, he will be accompanied by his father David,” said King. “His goal is to become the first Orthodox rabbi to sit on the Supreme Court.”

“Meaning court will have to close at 3 o’clock on Friday,” King joked.

Answers Africa notes that Shapiro comes from an apparently affluent family, writing that “Details regarding his mother are not publicly known but we do know she once worked in Hollywood as a TV company executive.” The article continues, “Ben’s father, David Shapiro, also worked in the entertainment industry as a composer.”

In short, Shapiro has lived a life of luxury, and now feels comfortable telling working class American workers that if they are struggling to make ends meet while working multiple jobs, the source of the problem sits squarely on them.


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