WATCH: Citizens Confront Schumer, Romney, Lindsey Graham For Betraying Trump and America


American citizens are emboldened in opposition to the tyrannical power grab of the globalist elites. All over the country, patriots are peacefully confronting their complacent and malevolent political leaders with their voices and video cameras, exposing to the world just how weak and cowardly the Washington traitors really are. In an age where dissent is virtually banned, the golden age of righteous citizen journalism is just beginning.

In New York City, a woman railed against Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer, accusing him of encouraging Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots. The woman vowed to join with President Donald Trump’s supporters in following around Schumer and making sure he hears the voices of the people. The woman also mocked Schumer and Congress in general for hiding from the protesters who stormed the Capitol instead of listening to the grievances of the people.

Anti-Trump Utah senator Willard “Mitt” Romney, the leading Republican Quisling in the Senate, got confronted in the airport on his way to Washington, D.C. for the Electoral College certification. Romney was born into Rockefeller-style Republican privilege, and made his money breaking apart companies Gordon Gekko-style in the 1980’s at Bain Capital with an early investment from accused human trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mossad asset father Robert Maxwell. Only eight years ago, “Mitt” was the losing Republican nominee for president. Now, his popularity with the Republican base is non-existent. As one aggrieved citizen told him, “This is going to be an awkward flight.”

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It WAS an awkward flight for Willard, as Trump supporters chanted “Traitor! Traitor!” at the Utah quisling.

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham might be realizing that the people hate him, too. Graham long served as anti-Trump quisling John McCain’s sidekick. During the Trump years, Graham appeared constantly on Sean Hannity’s primetime Fox News show in order to burnish his credentials as a MAGA sympathizer. But Graham did nothing but subvert the MAGA movement, pushing unsuccessfully for Trump to ink an amnesty deal and pushing Red Flag gun confiscation laws from his perch as one of the most visible Republican senators. Now, the people are making it clear that they do not admire Graham or any quisling who did not fight to audit the votes in the disputed 2020 presidential election.


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