VOX: GamerGate to Blame for Capitol Hill Protest Gone Awry


GamerGate, the push for ethics in videogame journalism from 2014, is being directly blamed by Vox and others for the unrest at the Capitol last week.

Writing for Vox, Aja Romano described GamerGate as one of the “root causes and contributing factors” that led to civil unrest at Capitol Hill in Washington DC last week. Instead of putting the blame on the Mike Pence for failing to wield his constitutional power to unilaterally reject Electoral College voters from states with serious electoral integrity issues.

The almost 5,000 word article said that GamerGate was a “watershed moment and learning experience for many future Trump supporters,” and that “as a movement, it showed the trend towards systematized online harassment and increased ideological polarization that emerged in the latter half of the 2010s.”

The article, which had been repurposed and republished from being a general article by Vox about GamerGate to include context from the Capitol Hill protests, included some viral threads from liberals and leftists on the subject.

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“Seeing some people say this in private to protect themselves so I’ll say it out loud: there is a direct line from the game industry and media’s failure in addressing gamergate to the right wing terrorism we’re seeing today,” wrote Shayna Moon, a Senior Tech Project Manager at Unity. Others said that GamerGate was the “canary in the coal mine” for today, with yet more claiming GamerGate was a white supremacist movement.

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As soon as the Vox article gained any traction, it was widely and immediately mocked by many from all across the political spectrum. One Twitter user described GamerGate as being equivalent to “libtard 9/11,” and another said that this framing of GamerGate “is indicative of the inability among many liberals and leftists to avoid seeing themselves as the most important people in the world.”

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