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Virginia Conservatives Slam Riggleman for Refusing to Take Stance on Constitutional Issues


Members of the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives are accusing 5th District Representative Denver Riggleman of refusing a survey from the group meant to gauge candidates’ responses on a number of constitutional issues at stake in the 2020 election cycle.

In a message circulating social media, VCC members have claimed that despite numerous attempts to deliver the survey to Riggleman, a first-term Republican with a self-proclaimed “mean libertarian streak,” the Congressman has refused to take part, despite the survey having been completed and submitted by a growing number of candidates statewide, including his challenger for the Republican nomination to Congress, Bob Good.

The Virginia Constitutional Conservatives, a respected grassroots organization for liberty has attempted to contact Denver Riggleman on 3 separate occasions, only to have their survey refused by the Congressman.
Denver has refused to go on record about important issues facing the 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendment, as well as popular America First policies.
While it is unclear while Riggleman hasn’t completed the group’s survey, members accuse the Congressman of refusing to take a firm stance on core conservative issues.
The survey includes questions pertaining to a number of core conservative causes, such as the 4th Amendment right to privacy – “Will you support a bill that would make spying on any American Citizen both illegal and a felony?” – the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms – “Will you oppose any and all…red flag laws?” – and border security, a key tenant of the MAGA movement – “Will you support legislation to secure our borders and prevent illegal immigration?”
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