Roger Stone: Corrupt Mueller Team Wanted Me to Lie and Betray Trump


Speaking to National File, Roger Stone, President Trump’s confidant, said that he was subject to pressure from the deep state to lie against the President.

Stone spoke to National File’s Tom Pappert and Patrick Howley about his trial and the ordeal he suffered from activist judges, the deep state, and the mainstream media.

Stone began by heaping praise on National File’s coverage of the ordeal, noting that National File “was only one of a handful of media outlets” who covered his trial accurately. “Thank you for your coverage, which has been outstanding,” he told Pappert and Howley.

Stone argued that the mainstream media made up wild conspiracy theories about alleged crimes he had committed, none of which turned out to be true:

Essentially, after the mainstream media and CNN, but particularly the New York Times and the Washington Post, said for well over a year that “Roger Stone will be indicted for treason, Roger Stone will be indicted for conspiracy against the United States, Roger Stone will prove to be the missing link between Russia and the Trump campaign, Roger Stone will have proved to have smuggled emails between Wikileaks and Julian Assange and the Trump campaign,” none of those things turned out to be true. The prosecutors went to a number of judges and federal magistrates, charging me not only with those crimes, but also cybercrimes… No evidence was found whatsoever of any of those crimes… In the end, I was convicted of lying to Congress about the Trump campaign’s interest in the Wikileaks disclosures. Now that’s a perfectly legal activity – there was no underlying crime for me to lie about!

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The links between the prosecution and the media ran much deeper than simply hysterical headlines, as Stone recounted that CNN had been allowed to “set up [cameras] 25 feet from the front door” of his home when he was arrested by police. Tipping off a news agency about the execution of a search warrant is a felony, he noted.

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Howley asked Stone if it was true that the Mueller investigation team tried to get him to lie about President Trump, to which Stone said “that’s what this whole thing ended up being all about”:

The Mueller investigation indicted me long after they knew there was no collusion… [Mueller’s prosecution head] proposed to my attorney that if I would “come clean” and if I would “confess” about the content of some 29 telephone calls between candidate Donald Trump and myself in 2016… They might be able to see there way clear to recommending no jail time… I suspect they wanted me to be the ham in their ham sandwich, because they had nothing… I was not going to bear false witness against Donald Trump. I’d said this for a year and there was no way that I was going to be flipped.

As he had not succumbed to pressure from the deep state, his trial was therefore more akin to a Soviet show trial than anything any free American should be subject to, he argued. Stone recalled that his whole trial was created on the basis that the DNC had been hacked by the Russians, but that Judge Amy Berman Jackson would not allow his defence team to argue against his prosecution on the line that this never happened.

Not only this, but his jury was “stacked” with activist Democrats. “There were no military veterans, there were no Republicans, there were no blue collar workers, there was no-one with less than a college education,” Stone said. Tomeka Hart, the forewoman of the jury, had even posted attacks on Facebook and Twitter in 2019 about Stone by name. “Shockingly, Judge Jackson held in her opinion that this did not constitute bias against me,” Stone recalled, despite legal experts from across the political spectrum saying this judgement was “ridiculous.”

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Unsurprisingly, the federal prosecutors who had originally recommended a 7-9 year sentence, were also career leftists and Democrats, despite the mainstream media’s repeated assertion that they were “non-political”:

Let’s go through them. Jonathan Kravitz: associate counsel to Barack Obama in the White House, not a lying career prosecutor, certainly not political! Look at his prosecution of the 3 aides to Ron Paul for campaign election violations – he raided one of their homes at 6 o clock in the morning, how about that! A whole series of abuses there in that case, for which he should be disbarred, and he lied to the court in his reply regarding the Russians hacking the DNC. And then there’s Aaron Zelinsky. This pompous, arrogant wind-bag who bullied virtually every witness in front of the grand jury, and who threatened witnesses, this guy was a deputy counsel with Hillary Clinton at the State Department! He had a direct interest in my case because his emails inside the State Department were among those documents that Julian Assange leaked! They were quite embarrassing to him – again, not a non-political, career prosecutor.

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Stone finished by noting that he has no expectation that any appeal may be granted, and that his only real hope is being pardoned by President Trump himself. “He understands my conviction is a miscarriage of justice,” Stone said, adding that his greatest fear was that he would be incarcerated during a federal election, where he could not fight tooth and nail for the President.

You can watch the full interview with Roger Stone below.

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