VIDEOS: Thousands Of Anti-Mandate City Workers Chant 'Hold The Line,' 'F**k Joe Biden,' 'We Want Curtis,' In New York City


Video footage from New York City shows thousands of police, fire, EMS, and other city workers protesting against vaccine mandates, calling out Democrat mayor Bill DeBlasio and Democrat president Joe Biden by name and showing support for Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa.

Footage of the protest posted to Twitter shows a large contingent of protesters moving throughput the city and chanting various slogans in unison such as “hold the line,” “f**k Joe Biden,” “f**k DeBlasio,” “we will not comply” and “we want Curtis [Sliwa].”

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New York residents celebrated the exit of governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this year by declaring “You’re next DeBlasio, you’re f***ing next, we on yo ass boy, we on yo ass boy” and “That Cuomo n***a said we couldn’t be outside like s**t, where we at? Outside!” :

Video footage from the New York City video street show Sidetalk shows attendees at a “Bye Bye Cuomo” event celebrating the departure of beleaguered ex-governor Andrew Cuomo, trashing him for his unpopular lockdown and mask mandates and proclaiming “You’re next DeBlasio, you’re f***ing next.”

“That Cuomo n***a said we couldn’t be outside like s**t,” one blue-haired woman yelled into the camera. “Where we at? Outside!” The crowd then burst into raucous applause. A man wearing a “Gays For Trump” shirt yelled “Rot in hell, you son of a bitch” into the camera when asked what message he would send to Cuomo.

Other highlights include one man screaming “Cuomo you put pineapple on yo pizza and you get no p***y,” and another exclaiming, “You’re next DeBlasio, you’re f***ing next, we on yo ass boy, we on yo ass boy.” Another man screamed even louder, “Cuomo, you thought you’d get away with this s**t, when I see you, I’m gonna grab you by yo f****in’ neck.”

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