VIDEO: Biden Angrily Yells 'This Is A Tax Cut' While Defending Build Back Better's Massive Tax Burden On Americans


During an appearance in Kearny, New Jersey on Monday, Democrat President Joe Biden angrily shouted “this is a tax cut” while defending the bloated taxpayer-funded expenditures in his administration’s highly controversial Build Back Better proposal.

“Josh has heard me say it, I view it as a tax cut, for middle class families,” Biden said of the Build Back Better plan, which is not a tax cut for middle class families. “A Tax cut.” The President’s voice rose sharply in volume and he glowered at the audience at this point and yelled, “We never have an argument when we talk about the wealthy, this is a tax cut! It changes the lives of the American people.”

Biden recently claimed that he was Vice President for 36 years and took the train home to see his family after they were killed in a car accident:

Democrat President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that he was Vice President of the United States “for 36 years,” and that he took the Amtrak home “every day” to see his family after they were killed in a drunk driving accident in 1972.

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“I’d ride every day, I commuted every single day for 36 years as President, Vice President of the United States after my wife and daughter were killed, I went home to see my family, never stopped,” Biden declared.

In reality, Biden was Vice President for 8 years from 2008 to 2016, which is the maximum length allowed by term limits. It is also unlikely that Biden took the Amtrak home to see his family after his wife and daughter were killed, as they were no longer alive.

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