Terry McAuliffe In 2009: 'Too Many People Stay In Politics Too Long,' Career Politicians Should 'Go On And Do Something Else'


Twelve-year-old video footage from 2009 of former Virginia governor and current Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe shows the 64-year-old career politician railing against career politicians and calling for term limits, proudly stating that “too many people stay in politics too long.”

“You know, listen, I’m also open if people want to talk about term limits, I just think sometimes too many people stay in politics too long,” McAuliffe said. “Get in, make your mark, and go and do something else. Let’s continually bring new people into politics with lots of new ideas, it’s good for the process, it’d be great for Virginia, it’d be great for this country.”

Twelve years later, the septugenarian McAuliffe is continuing to run for governor, drawing the ire of Virginia parents over derogatory comments about keeping them “out of schools.” When confronted over these comments, McAuliffe shrilled “You’re dangerous here” and haad a meltdown on camera:

During a recent debate against Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe trashed parents by stating, “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision,” and “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

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Who do you think should be in control of education if not Virginia parents,” McAuliffe was asked, to which he thrust an index finger into the camera and shouted, “Have you been vaccinated yet, that’s the question I wanna know. You should have a mask on … you’re dangerous here.”

“I’ll build education,” The former governor shouted while hurriedly climbing into a waiting SUV. “That’s why Fox News has me leading. Glenn Youngkin destroyed Virginia’s education system,” he continued, before saying “Alright, let’s get at it buddy” at the vehicle’s driver.

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