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VIDEO: WWE's Vince McMahon Tapped by Trump as Economic Adviser for COVID-19 Recovery


Legendary pro-wrestling tycoon, magnate, and icon Vince McMahon has been added to a board of economic advisers by President Trump to aid America’s post coronavirus economic recovery.

McMahon has been included in a list of the nation’s top four sports leagues and commissioners.

NBA’s Adam Silver, NFL chief Roger Goodell, MLB’s Rob Manfred, and NHL boss Gary Bettman have all been drafted by Trump to help steer the country’s economy as sports, except the WWE, which was recently declared “essential business” by the State of Florida, were forced to suspend their leagues amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and the UFC’s president Dana White have all been added to the sports roster.

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President Trump stressed the importance of reopening the multi-billion sports industry following their pandemic-induced suspensions.

At a briefing on Tuesday, the president said that “We have to get our sports back, I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old.

“I haven’t actually had too much time to watch – I would say maybe I watch one batter and then I get back to work.”

The announcement that the WWE was deemed “essential business,” permitting the wrestlers to perform behind closed doors, grabbed headlines at the beginning of the week.

Social media users took to social media to joke about the quasi-comical announcement.

One Twitter user wrote that “This post made me remember: McMahon and Trump go wayyyy back. Besties, even.”

“I’m not sure when I diverged onto this timeline but I’m glad I did,” added another.

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“Disputes shall be settled out of court, in a ladder match,” joked another.

A fourth tweeted: “Their relationship is constantly evolving. I like it. By the middle of next term, he may be tapped to be in the cabinet.”

Many social media users likely reference the 2007 “Battle of the Billionaires” WWE contest between McMahon and President Trump, which saw the president body slam McMahon, toss him over a table, and eventually shave his head.

The recent lockdowns have left sports fans agitated as they are left to watch re-runs or risk fines or even arrest if they breach social distancing outdoors.

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