VIDEO: Trans-Black Rachel Dolezal Tricked Into Joking About 13/50 Meme


A viral video on Twitter shows famed trans-black activist, Rachel Dolezal, giving a shout out to 13% doing 55%, referring to an internet meme poking fun at 13% of the population committing around 50% of violent crime.

Dolezal was reportedly paid $13.55 to make the video on Cameo, a platform for users to request special shout outs from celebrities in exchange for money.

In the video, she starts by saying, “Hi, this is Rachel Dolezal sending congratulations to the 13% crew for hitting 55% this year–that’s amazing.”

“When 13% of the company does 55% of the work, you deserve recognition.”

“But truth be told, it’s more like 6% getting it done. So, you know who you are; congratulations on your success, and this message is from your regional manager.”

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The video was tweeted out with the caption, “Someone paid Rachel Dolezal $13.55 to deliver this message on Cameo.”

Needless to say, the short clip drew raucous laughter in the comments as the activist, who has recently been out of the limelight, inadvertently made the video talking about the politically incorrect meme nodding at the black violent crime rate in America.

The top commenter said, “That is so f***ing funny. That is literally the funniest thing I’ve seen this year. You were truly the best follow ever.”

A second person remarked that “Cameo may have been a mistake for some of the people on there, but it’s a goldmine for the rest of us.”

“NEVER have I seen money better spent, whoever did this should get a medal,” tweeted a third.

A fourth commented: “Didn’t think I could love her more then she starts talking in FBI crime statistics.”

The ADL recently added the popular 13/50 meme as a “numeric hate symbol” which almost become an internet meme in itself.

Dolezal last made headlines after her self-identification as African-American in 2018 after she was charged with welfare fraud.

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Since her bizarre rise to prominence in 2015, where Dolezal, a white woman, represented the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, Dolezal reportedly swindled almost $9000 out of the taxpayer, while depositing around $84,000 into her bank account in the same period.

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