VIDEO: UK Police Forcefully Stop Good Friday Service, Threaten Christians With Fines Or Arrest


Police in the United Kingdom forcefully disrupted a Good Friday church service in London, storming the sanctuary and threatening the Polish Christians with fines or arrest if they refused to give their information to authorities and disperse.

“UK police officers are breaking up masses during Easter,” wrote migration expert Benjamin Loughnane. “Do they really feel that they are serving the public good? Video from Balham, SW London.”

“It’s worth noting that this was a Polish liturgy. Some of the older congregants will have fled the USSR to escape this.” Loughnane added, “Sleepwalking into tyranny…”

In the video, the police are heard loudly disrupting the service. “This, uh, gathering, is unfortunately lawful, unlawful, under the coronavirus regulations we have currently. You’re not allowed to meet inside with this many people under law. At this point in time you need to go home. Failure to comply with this direction to leave and go to your home address ultimately could lead you to be fined £200, or if you fail to give your details, to be arrested.”

“I suggest, ladies and gentlemen, though it is Good Friday, and I appreciate that you’d like to worship, that this gathering is unlawful. So please leave the building now.”

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A wider shot reveals the front pew remained seated throughout the announcement by police.

According to the YouTube account where the video was first published, the events transpired at Christ the King Polish Roman Catholic Church in Balham, South West London. The description of the video reveals, “A service was disrupted this evening by the Metropolitan Police in Balham – South West London. It is believed that attendance was pre-booked and that all safety measures were in place prior to the mass taking place.” The uploader adds, “An investigation is likely to follow.”

While liquor stores, large corporate establishments, and other businesses were largely allowed to remain open throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, churches became an early casualty, closing almost uniformly across the West at the insistence of health advisors.

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