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VIDEO: Trump Drove By Supporters At Walter Reed Because He 'Could Hear People Screaming And Shouting With Love'


Video footage from President Donald Trump’s Friday night interviewwith Fox News medical contributor Marc Seigel shows the President explaining why he took a drive outside Walter Reed medical center to wave to supporters from the presidential limo after his positive COVID-19 diagnosis over the weekend.

“Could you talk about me about why you went outside in PPE, and the drive that you took, and well-wishers,  and what you were thinking when you did that,” Seigel asked.

“Well I had tremendous numbers of people, I could hear them from the hospital, and I was way up high, and you know, there’s a very fortified military hospital that’s built to the highest standard, and yet through these very powerful windows I could hear people screaming and shouting with love, with real love,” President Trump said.

The President continued, “And after two days I said ‘I want to go out and say hello to the people, and I went to Secret Service, and these are the people that are with me all the time, and they said ‘We have no problem sir, take a drive by them and just wave,’ and you saw what happened. It was a great display of love out there, I don’t think there was one negative person , and there was many, many, many people, but I don’t think there was anybody negative out there… they went crazy when they saw the van go by.”

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President Trump went to speak highly of the supporters who gathered outside of the hospital to wish him well.

“I thought it was very important to show my affection for them, they were standing out there for 24 hours a day,” he said, adding, “and I just thought, you know, I love the people of this country, and I thought it would have been very disrespectful if I was there for three, three and a half days, and these people are standing there late at night, early in the morning and I didn’t go out and at least give them a little wave.”

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